Rubber Accelerator

  • Plastic Cruing Agent Accelerator H(HMT)
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    Plastic Cruing Agent Accelerator H(HMT)

    Accelerator H(HMT)can be used as resin and plastic cruing agent, rubber accelerator, textile sanforoizing agent. Can be also used for the bactericide and detonator.Read More
  • Natural Rubber Accelerator PZ(ZDMC)
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    Natural Rubber Accelerator PZ(ZDMC)

    ZDMC is used in natural rubber, synthetic gross rubber (SBR, NBR, butadiene rubber), self-vulcanizing rubber, adhesive plaster and food-contact rubber products.Read More
  • Rubber Accelerator Vulcanization ZDBC
  • Rubber Accelerator Zinc Diethyldithiocarbamate ZDC
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    Rubber Accelerator Zinc Diethyldithiocarbamate ZDC

    Rubber Accelerator ZDC is used in transparent, white or bright-colored rubber products, medical rubbers, adhesive plaster and self-vulcanizing products.Read More
  • Rubber Vulcanization Accelerator NS
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    Rubber Vulcanization Accelerator NS

    rubber vulcanization accelerator ns Chemical Name : N-Tertiarybutyl-2-benzothiazole sulfennamide structure : Molecular Formula : C11H14N2S2 Molecular Weight : 238.37 CAS NO : 95-31-8 Specification : Properties : Gray white powder (granule). The density is 1.26-1.32. soluble...Read More
  • TBBS Powder Rubber Accelerator
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    TBBS Powder Rubber Accelerator

    tbbs powder rubber accelerator ● Molecular formula: C11H14N2S2. ● Molecular weight: 238.37 g/mol. ● Melting point: 105°C. ● Heating loss: ≤0.5%. ● Ash content: ≤0.5%. ● Specific gravity: 1.26 - 1.32. Property: rubber accelerator TBBS is light yellow or milky white powder or...Read More
  • MBT Rubber Accelerator Powder
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    MBT Rubber Accelerator Powder

    mbt rubber accelerator powder Chemical Name2-Mercaptobenzothiazole Molecular FormulaC7H5NS2 Molecular Weight167.25 CAS No.149-30-4 Chemical Structure Properties: No odor or poison. Specific gravity: 1.13-1.23, soluble in chloroform, toluene benzene and ethanol; Insoluble in...Read More
  • Rubber Vulcanization Accelerator MBT
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    Rubber Vulcanization Accelerator MBT

    rubber vulcanization accelerator mbt ● Molecular formula: C7H5NS2. ● Molecular weight: 167.24 g/mol. ● Melting point: 171°C. ● Heating loss: ≤0.5%. ● Ash content: ≤0.3%. Property: rubber accelerator M is light yellow or off-white powder with slight bitter taste. It is...Read More
  • CBS Powder Rubber Accelerator
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    CBS Powder Rubber Accelerator

    cbs powder rubber accelerator CAS: 95-33-0 2.MF: C13H16N2S2 Chemical name: N-Cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole sulfonamide Structure: PACKING: packed in paper bags, lined with polythene bays of 25kg each. Properties Slightly order .Non-toxic. Density 1.31-1.34g/cm³. Soluble in...Read More
  • CZ Powder Rubber Accelerator
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    CZ Powder Rubber Accelerator

    cz powder rubber accelerator ● Molecular formula: C13H16N2S2. ● Molecular weight: 264.4 g/mol. ● Specific density: 1.31 - 1.34. ● Melting point: 98°C. ● Residue on screen (150μm): ≤0.05%. Chemical Name: N-Cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole sulfonamide Property: rubber accelerator CZ...Read More
  • Rubber Vulcanization Accelerator CBS
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    Rubber Vulcanization Accelerator CBS

    rubber vulcanization accelerator cbs Chemical Name: N-Cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole sulfonamide Molecular Formula: C13H16N2S2 Data Appearance:Greyish white or light yellow powder Initial Melting point ℃≥ 98.0 Heating Loss:%≤ 0.30 Ash content %≤ 0.30 Residue on 100mesh Sieve %≤...Read More
  • Rubber Vulcanization Accelerator CZ
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    Rubber Vulcanization Accelerator CZ

    rubber vulcanization accelerator cz Chemical Name: N-Cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole sulfenamide Structure: Molecular Formula: C13H16N2S2 Molecular Weight: 264.4 CAS NO: 95-33-0 Specification: Properties: Gray-white powder (granule) with a little odor, no poison. The density is...Read More
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